Data Center 5.0, manufactured by PROJETO 5005, is a highly complex environment that hosts servers and IT equipment. Tailored to meet the individual needs of companies, it follows strict technical and security standards. The goal of our Data Center is to maintain the integrity of important information and traffic of your company's data.

Reasons for having Date Center 5.0: It is a crucial environment for organizing information flow, increasing security in data storage, as well as improving performance and control of the systems involved. In addition, Data Center 5.0 is designed with excellence, leading technology, commitment, flexibility and maximum security. This is all meant to minimize the risk of downtime and increase productivity in your company.

Our expertise: PROJETO 5005 has been developing solutions for data centers for over 15 years with specifications of best practices for facilities, server room construction, precision air conditioning, UPS systems, firefighting systems, optical, electrical and twisted pair network cabling, raised flooring for network assets, and other specialized services. We offer complete and customized solutions with all the necessary guarantees for smooth operations in your company. Schedule a visit from a staff member by calling 55-11-2677-7005 and learn that our major goal is to do the best for your company.